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Experience High-Quality Video with AI-Enabled Lower Bitrates.

NexOptic’s exclusive AI technology creates smaller file sizes without compromising the quality of the visual content. This means that you can enjoy the same level of visual fidelity with lower bitrates.

Adjust the bar to compare the original movie with the NexCompress optimized version, which can be up to 60% smaller.

Scenes from "Chimera" (2014) by Netflix for its Open Source Content is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

NexCompress Advantage

  • Disk storage savings of between 20% and 60%
  • Bandwidth savings of between 20% and 60%
  • Compatible with existing video technologies
  • Remove noise and artifacts

NexCompress Applications

  • Streaming services
  • Video archives
  • Video management
  • Government CCTV storage

NexCompress Delivered

  • Up to 60% bandwidth savings
  • Proprietary AI Models
  • Optimized for Deep Learning Platforms
  • For Cloud & On-Prem

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