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NexOptic ALIIS™ Artificial Intelligence
Joins the NVIDIA® Jetson Ecosystem

Intelligent Imaging. Supercharged.

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, NexOptic’s ALIIS artificial intelligence software is now officially supported on the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

The high-performance NVIDIA Jetson platform enables the next generation of AI-reliant autonomous machines such as drones, robotics, AIoT devices and intelligent video analytics.

ALIIS expands the NVIDIA Jetson’s offerings for autonomous machines by providing a suite of intelligent imaging solutions geared for the edge. NexOptic has partnered with NVIDIA to officially support ALIIS on the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

  • Accelerated compute capabilities
  • Official access to the latest ALIIS SDK on Jetson
  • Turnkey SoC platform for industry integration
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Compact and focused form factor

Take advantage of this supercharged computing platform and get exclusive access to the next generation in intelligent imaging.

Learn more about the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

All the benefits of ALIIS. But Faster.

The NVIDIA Jetson platform provides leading performance and power efficiency, enabling faster performance using less power.

In addition to accelerating AI applications, each Jetson module is a complete system-on-module, providing a turnkey solution for easier integration.

  • 20x speedup over CPU execution for ALIIS workloads
  • Extremely low power requirements
  • Access to the powerful NVIDIA software stack
  • Compact form factor and established design partners
  • Complete system-on-module for easy integration

ALIIS, meet industry.

ALIIS on Jetson unlocks NexOptic’s AI-based imaging enhancements for a wide variety of markets and applications. With ALIIS on board, Jetson provides the ideal platform for high-performance embedded systems.


  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical Imaging
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Terrestrial & Aerial Robotics


  • Close and Long Range Visual Inspection / Surveillance
  • Fluid Measurement & Characterization
  • Visual Servoing

NexOptic’s ALIIS solution powered by NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI platform to unlock new application paths in robotics, smart cities, industrial automation, and healthcare

NexOptic’s ALIIS delivers superior all-light performance by enhancing images and video in real time for edge AI applications. Using the high compute, memory, and floating-point capabilities of the Jetson platform, NexOptic’s state-of-the-art image enhancing algorithms can run very fast inferencing to handle complex image to image tasks and optimize storage and streaming performance. Benefits include superior resolution and sharpness with dramatic reductions to image noise and motion blur, enhancements to long-range image stabilization, and reduced file size and bandwidth requirements.

ALIIS is the modern solution to imaging’s classic problems. As a software solution, ALIIS is ready for licensing to a number of verticals relying on camera technology and has been designed to work “at the edge”.